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2012-2013 Catalog 
2012-2013 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Information

Students are encouraged to review the specific program sections of this catalog to determine which classes are applicable to their academic course of study. Even though the following represents courses available at Florida Gateway College, not all courses are offered each semester. The College reserves the right to offer classes and programs at such time as best fits the institutional scope and mission of the College.

The College publishes a schedule of class offerings each semester online which details those classes that are being offered during a particular semester.

The College reserves the right to cancel scheduled classes due to low enrollment or other conditions deemed by the College to justify course cancellations.

The requirements met designation of “GR” listed for certain courses indicates that the class will satisfy the College’s Gordon Rule requirements. Each Gordon Rule class has specific mathematics or writing requirements. All Gordon Rule (GR) classes must be passed with a grade of C or better.

The requirements met designation of “MC” listed for certain courses indicates that the class is officially identified as a course with multicultural content, and as such, satisfies the common course prerequisite requirement for various majors at some state universities.

The requirements met designation of “AATR” listed for certain courses indicates that the class is an acceptable A.A. elective credit at Florida Gateway College. A student should contact his or her advisor or the Registrar’s Office for more information concerning A.A. elective credits. It is ultimately a student’s responsibility to confirm with a receiving institution that an elective credit will transfer successfully from Florida Gateway College to the receiving institution.

The requirements met designation of ”GE” listed for certain courses indicates that the class is an acceptable general education course at Florida Gateway College in one of the disciplines of Communications, Math, Humanities, Social Science, or Science. Check the online catalog through MyFGC to see the specific general education area that the course will meet.  

The following courses are presently offered by Florida Gateway College. Each class is subject to change, revision, revocation, termination, or amendment. Classes are listed in alphabetic order by course prefix (e.g., ACG 2071 , HUM 2472 , etc.).