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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Digital Media and Design, A.S.

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Associate in Science

(60 credit hours)

The Digital Media and Design A.S. prepares students to become digital content creators in a world that is constantly being shaped by technology. In our program, you’ll study digital art, animation, motion graphics, drawing/design theories, digital photography, video production and more. Through our project-based curriculum you will not only master the current digital media software, you will have opportunities to work on a wide range of projects, including many for real-world clients. You will use your diverse set of skills to create persuasive messages for a wide range of audience needs.

With three electives, our program has the flexibility to be tailored to the student’s specific interests. Also, there are three different college credit certificates built into the program. These are:

·      Animation, C.C.C.  - 15 credit hours (must take DIG 2302C  and DIG 2430C  as electives to receive the Animation C.C.C.)

·      Video Production, C.C.C.  - 12 credit hours

·      Multimedia Design, C.C.C.  - 15 credit hours

As the digital economy grows, employers in virtually every industry are seeking well-rounded job candidates who can assist with a wide range of digital needs. The Digital Media and Design A.S. will give you the diverse set of skills you’ll need to succeed in the job marketplace.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will effectively use the elements, and principles, of design to create successful design solutions.
  2. Students will produce digital illustrations using industry standard graphics software.
  3. Students will design and create animations / motion graphics to be used in a variety of media outlets (web, video, etc.).
  4. Students will create digital video segments using appropriate techniques that incorporate a clear message for a targeted audience.
  5. Students will complete a digital portfolio that will include professional quality work to demonstrate skills in digital media.

The following is a suggested sequence of required courses:

First Year

Fall Semester: 15 Credit Hours

Spring Semester: 15 Credit Hours

Second Year

Spring Semester: 15 Credit Hours

Electives - choose 3 classes from the following list (9 credits required):

  • Any ARH course
  • Any ART course
  • Any DIG course
  • Any GRA course

Digital Media and Design A.S. Total 60 Credit Hours

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